Individual Work

If you are the kind of person who wants to break through the ceilings to your success and create big change right now individual work might be the right choice for you.   Dr. Scott takes on a small number of private clients every year to support you in creating incredibly deep and lasting change in your life.

Individual work is custom designed to create the most change for you in the shortest period of time possible.   This approach is for you if are ready to create quantum shifts in your life and your business – shifting your old brain patterning and creating new structures that take you beyond what you dream is possible.

If you are curious about working individually with Dr. Scott please contact Vix.

Group Programs and Trainings

package programDr.Scott often leads group trainings and online programs that can create big changes in your level of success.  The focus of these trainings vary from creating shifts in your brain to maximize your time, maximizing your creativity and communications for massive results.   If you would like more information on any of these programs please contact us to schedule a time to talk.   You can either email us or call us directly at 415-992-7960.

The 5 Brain Keys for Success

Almost every entrepreneur or business leader I work with is violating one of the brain’s key rules to create the success they want.   And just like mamma, when you’re brain’s not happy, no one’s happy.   Are you following the brain’s... read more