Sales as an Act of Love: Four Steps to Building Enduring Client Relationships

Sales as an Act of Love: Four Steps to Building Enduring Client Relationships

How Much Do You LOVE your clients?

This morning a new friend and I went off to a little cafe for a bite and a chat about her business. She is an amazing artist and is getting ready to explode into the world. As we talked about the beautiful way she is able to see each of her clients and then represent them to the world, I was reminded yet again for healers sales is really an act of love. Even in the conversation with potential clients, we are providing them with the possibility of being healthier and more whole. There are four ways that I think we can make this process even more powerful for ourselves and our potential clients as we meet them.


Meet Them Where They Are

This might sound obvious but so much of the time we go in with an agenda. Perhaps we are feeling insecure because we aren’t good sales people or we really feel like we need the money so we want to tell them all about what we do. Begin by seeing their reality and reflecting it back to them. My friend talked about a recent client conversation where the client was confused by all her options. She tried to fix it for her client telling her all the ways she could help in times of confusion. You can simply reflect back that the client feels confused and hear what that’s like in her life right now. Only when you are clear about what’s going on can you really offer any potential solution.


Let Go of Need

There are two truths that I live by. First, we live in an abundant universe. If that is true then there will always be more clients. What that means practically is that I can let go of the need to work with the person that’s in front of me now and just focus on whether we are a good match. This can be hard sometimes. I recently had to let a potentially big client go because it so clearly was not a match for me. Sure, I would have loved the money but working with people who are not right for you leads to limited success and usually you feeling exhausted. Besides, letting yourself enter into a client meeting knowing that you don’t need to work with the person, that you are just seeing if you are a match, allows you more freedom and space to enjoy the interaction.


Invite them to invest in themselves

Offering people a deal to get them in the door is often a disservice to them. I know this might sound crazy but what I have noticed is that when people think they are getting a deal they rarely treat it with the respect and commitment that they do when they are really making a sacrifice. But when people know that they are investing in value then they take you more seriously and do what you ask them to. In the long run, they get better results and usually end up paying less over time. So honor the value of your work and charge people accordingly.


Allow them to have an amazing experience of you

Your only real job in a “sales” conversation is to allow your client to have a great experience of you. You don’t really have to convince them that you are the right person for that. Mostly you just have to show them that you are trustworthy and that they can enjoy working with you. No amount of “proving” yourself will make up for this. And, of course, you can always tell stories of how your clients have succeeded. But let even those stories also demonstrate the good experiences they’ve had with you!

We are in this work because we want to create change in the lives of our clients. We can begin by entering into sales conversations with deep love and respect both for them and ourselves. There are times that it will be a match and other times it won’t be. But in the end, everyone has a much better experience and you end with clients that really work well with you!