When more is no longer enough.

It’s so easy for leaders to get caught up in the constant pressure to grow, grow, grow.   To always create more.  But what if you don’t want to create more of the same.  What if you’re ready to create something new, something better and are willing to let it be easy to do it?  It can feel impossible to get off the treadmill that you’ve created for yourself and take a quantum leap into something extraordinary. 

When you are ready to make the impossible inevitable …

In the last twenty years of working with people around the world to shift their lives and their businesses, I’ve learned that’s nothing is impossible.   I’ve also learned that the tools that got you to where you are now are unlikely to be what you’ll need as you evolve.  Your thinking, your beliefs, your habits – your emotional DNA – has to change to make what seemed impossible inevitable.

Let’s take an evolutionary leap together!

I’m committed to taking leaders to the next level…whether it’s the next level in your business or your life (these are inexorably intertwined for anyone destined for true greatness.)    When you are ready to take a leap into the unknown to be able to create something truly extraordinary let us know.  You don’t have to take that leap alone!

The 5 Brain Keys for Success

Almost every entrepreneur or business leader I work with is violating one of the brain’s key rules to create the success they want.   And just like mamma, when you’re brain’s not happy, no one’s happy.   Are you following the brain’s... read more

Working with Scott is more like a light bulb moment than a trudge up the mountain – things just click and you can see it.


Tina Forsyth

Founder and Business Leverage Expert, CEO Business School for Transformational Leaders

Scott is the brightest and most creative coach I’ve known or worked with. He has so many different kinds of strategies in his toolbox and is able to create programs that fit the unique needs of each of his clients. He’s also warm, supportive and has a great sense of humor.

Dan Kaufman, Ph.D.

Leadership Coach, Integral Potential

Scott’s work… it has everything to do with retooling the effectiveness and plasticity of the BRAIN and diving deep into exploring AND manifesting ALL possibilities into being to achieve the massively abundant lives we are all here to realize.

Dan Fowler

Owner, Red River Productions and Imagination Q